04.12.2023 20:48:00
In 2023, Dagestan received 57 million rubles from federal budget
04.12.2023 20:42:00
Dagestan spent 2.5 billion rubles for development of viticulture over last 5 years
04.12.2023 13:53:00
Dagestan displays positive dynamics in tax and non-tax revenues to budget
04.12.2023 13:28:00
Epokha publishing house issues collection by Dagestani children's writer Naira Alides
04.12.2023 09:15:00
Gasoline prices rises more strongly in Dagestan
04.12.2023 09:05:00
Dagestan ombudsman urges to revise approach to upbringing children after incident
04.12.2023 07:46:00
North Caucasian republics rate first for absence of bad habits
03.12.2023 20:23:00
Dagestan takes part in Scientific and Practical Conference "Spiritual and Moral Values as a Basis for Preventing Destructive Ideology in the Context of Modern Challenges"
03.12.2023 19:46:00
155th anniversary of Dagestan People's Poet Suleiman Stalsky to be celebrated in 2024
03.12.2023 19:08:00
Dagestan receives new group of Palestinian refugees
03.12.2023 09:39:00
Railroad freight transportation volumes increases in Dagestan
02.12.2023 20:07:00
Shamil Gasanov to hold his third fight at One Championship
02.12.2023 20:05:00
Unified system to gather data on garbage and its sources
02.12.2023 19:44:00
Number of HIV-infected people is increasing in Dagestan
02.12.2023 19:32:00
Children's school of safe road traffic to appear in Dagestan
02.12.2023 12:56:00
Dagestan is one of Russian regions to launch year-round sea resorts
02.12.2023 10:34:00
Agrofirm in Dagestan expands rice production
02.12.2023 09:53:00
Gorno-Altaisk to host "My Dagestan" exhibition
01.12.2023 18:26:00
Former Dagestan kickboxing coach Akhmad Akhmedov claimed wanted in Russia
01.12.2023 18:09:00
Dagestan presents unique stand at "Russia" International Exhibition