Dagestan becomes all-Russian center of footwear production

Over the past six years, Dagestan's footwear industry has made a powerful breakthrough by increasing production 30-fold and becoming one of the leaders in this industry in the country – the republican Minister of Industry and Trade Nizam Khalilov said in a live broadcast.

"Dagestan has increased footwear production 30 times in the last six years. Today we are one of the leaders in the country in footwear production. We produce more shoes than any region of the Russian Federation. These shoes are subject to mandatory labeling, are labeled in our country and are high-quality products" Khalilov said.

Annually the republic produces about 5-6 million pairs of shoes. The industry is included in the list of breakthrough projects called "Shoemaker City". Dagestan footwear is willingly accepted for sale by a number of network stores, - the minister added.

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