Dagestan farmers plan to harvest 140 thousand tons of rice

Dagestan plans to harvest 140,000 tons of rice in 2023. The local farmers sowed 180 ha out of the 260 ha planned. Sprouts appeared on 70 hectares. Thanks to the early ripening, the enterprises intend to harvest rice in August, before the autumn rains.

"Thanks to the state support received fr om the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food, we managed to put the saline lands into circulation, wh ere we have been sowing rice and fodder crops for three years" Magomed Magomedov, head of Chance LLC, says.

Over the past few years Tarumovsky municipal district has significantly increased the area under rice up to 4.8 thousand hectares in 2022. In 2022, Dagestan harvested almost 130 thousand tons of rice. In 2023, the area under rice may reach 31.6 thousand hectares with approx. harvest up to 140 thousand tons.

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