Large alcohol producer builds wine and brandy complex in Dagestan

Large Russian producer of alcoholic beverages "Alvisa Vine" is building a wine and cognac production complex in Dagestan. The volume of investments in the project totals 2 billion rubles.

“The construction is in full swing. The project covers about 10 hectares. It is a modern industrial production for the primary processing of grapes, the production of wines and cognac distillates" - , the first deputy chairman of the government of the Republic of Dagestan Batyr Emeev writes on his Instagram page. The company will create about 200 jobs, while, as noted, the employment in related industries will also increase.

The construction site now employs about 60 people. The regional authorities expect that the launch of enterprise will become a serious contribution to the wine industry of the republic, as well as contribute to the development of related industries.

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