Large fruit storage worth 1.5 billion rubles to be constructed in Dagestan

The fruit storage will be constructed within the framework of a large-scale investment project (on orchard planting) in Suleiman-Stalski municipal district of Dagestan by the “Polosa” LLC.  As to Omar Abdulmutalibov, the director general of the company, the fruit storage will have capacity of approx. 50 thousand tons. The first stage of the construction will be launched in 2024 with investments of 1.5 billion rubles. The completion of the project is scheduled for 2027.

"In 2024, we will launch the first stage for 12.5 thousand tons of fruits. We are negotiating with the VTB Bank to get 1.5 billion rubles of investments, nowadays" – Abdulmutalibov is quoted as saying. In total, over 5 billion rubles will be invested in the project.

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