Largest hazelnut orchard in Dagestan to have its own seedlings

The "Polosa" investment foundation implements project of planting the country’s largest hazelnut orchard in the south of Dagestan. Previously, the employees of branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Rosselkhozcenter» across Dagestan conducted testing and certification of 815 thousand seedlings. This allowed them to replace imported Italian seedlings, which regularly had to be imported.

The head of the branch Zhanna Kazanbieva and the head of the seed production department Murad Murtazaliev visited the investment project on a working visit and inspected the planting of seedlings of their own production, adapted to local climatic conditions and soil characteristics.

Noteworthy, the farm will also lay another 700 hectares - apples, pears and cherries. The farm is developing its own nursery base. 40 hectares are allocated for planting material.

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