Russian Defense Ministry opens first military training center in Dagestan

Today, a delegation of the Russian Defense Ministry paid an introductory visit to Dagestan State Technical University. On the basis of this educational institution, it is planned to open a military training center. Lt. Col. Ivan Smolev, aide to the Navy Commander Valery Hankovich and Lt. Col. Ivan Smolev, chief inspector of the Russian Defense Ministry's 2nd directorate, highly appreciated the material, technical and human resources potential of the university.

Thanks to cooperation between the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, a number of universities in the country train students in high-demand areas of the RF Armed Forces for three years. This will be the first experience for the North Caucasian Federal District. It is assumed that the second-year students will join the training center on a competitive basis. Without discontinuing their basic education, they will be able to acquire military rank.

Potentially, the training center should become an additional source of personnel for the army. There is no doubt that the number of young people with quality military training in the Northern Caucasus will increase.

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