Three waste-sorting complexes to be built in Dagestan in 2023

Abdulla Umakhanov, the acting Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Dagestan, reported today on the progress of the national project "Ecology" at the meeting of Presidium of the Council on Strategic Development and Project Activities under the Head of the Republic of Dagestan.

As to Umakhanov, within the framework of the National Project, the Ministry is implementing 3 regional projects: "Integrated system of solid municipal waste management", "Clean country" and "Preservation of unique water bodies". In particular, a concession agreement on creation and operation of facilities for treatment, neutralization, utilization and burial of solid municipal wastes in order to implement the regional project on solid wastes handling will be carried out. In total 3 waste-sorting complexes will be constructed in the region in 2023.

"On December 6, 2022 a financial agreement was signed on the allocation of 4,2 billion rubles for implementation of the project. These funds have already been allocated to the Republican Environmental Operator LLC, the concessionaire. In January 2023, the work on the construction of the waste-sorting complexes will begin" - Umakhanov said.

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