Academy of Culture and Arts to be opened in Daghestan

Makhachkala, October 24, 2014. The Academy of Culture and Arts will open in Daghestan, the press service of Daghestan ministry of culture informs.
The state-run higher educational institution named "Daghestan State Academy of Culture and Arts" has been created on behalf of Daghestani Head Ramazan Abdulatipov.

The academy was established considering the existing shortage of trained personnel in culture and with an eye to train specialists for Daghestan’s organizations and cultural institutions and increase the motivation of music schools’ graduates to continue their professional studies.

For the new institution, republican authorities have allocated facilities enough for training 800 students simultaneously. At the moment, there are around 400 students being trained in the center. Sept. 1, 2015, a new academic year will start at the academy for 100 students. Gradually, new students will replace the graduates.

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