Dagestan to receive more than 3 billion rubles from federal budget as state support for agro-industrial complex

The vice premier of the Republic of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, the deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Fastova and the director of the Department for Budgetary Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Natalya Datskovskaya met June 18 in Moscow to discuss the issues of providing state support to Dagestan agrarians.

It was noted that the Republic of Dagestan is one of the largest agar regions of Russia. In recent years, the regional agrarians increased areas under gardens and vineyards, constructed new farms and modern facilities for processing agricultural products, built new and old reclamation systems, including those with the introduction of modern technologies (drip irrigation, sprinkler installations).

As to Abdulmuslimov, this success was primarily achieved due to the significant state support of agricultural producers from the federal budget. In the current year, the Republic of Dagestan will receive funds from the federal budget in the amount of 3 billion 104 million rubles for these purposes.

The Government of the Russian Federation is carrying out significant work to improve the regulatory legal framework that determines the procedure for providing state support funds. Elena Fastova drew attention to the need to take measures to timely bring funds to the agricultural producers and instructed to prepare a schedule for bringing funds, taking into account the seasonality of agricultural work. In turn, Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov expressed readiness to take the necessary organizational measures to promptly bring the means of support to the agrarians of the republic and ensure their targeted and effective use within the framework of the current legislation and the achievement of indicators provided for by the agreements.

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