Festival of Indian culture takes place on territory of ancient fortress in Dagestan

Makhachkala, August 28, 2019. The festival of Indian culture with master classes in yoga, national music and dancing has taken place on the territory of the ancient Naryn-Kala citadel in Dagestan city of Derbent. On Saturday, the creative team of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center at the Indian Embassy in Moscow arrived in the republic.

“Today is the second day of the festival in Derbent. The national costumes, yoga workshops, various entertainment programs for the whole family as well as the national Indian dances aroused great interest among the city dwellers. After the official part of the program, the host party introduced the guests fr om India with the sights of ancient Derbent.

The festival kicked off on Friday in Makhachkala, on the open-air venue of the local Philharmonic, wh ere apart from the creative program, the film "Darkness" was shown. However, due to the late arrival of the Indian guests, the program had to be somewhat reduced. The guests from India held master classes - in particular, showed the main movements of classical and folk Indian dances. Besides, the teachers of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center held free yoga classes with everyone interested.

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