Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve to host exhibition on art of Dagestan

The exhibition "The Way of Patimat. Women's world in the traditional and contemporary art of Dagestan" will open on 3 August in the Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" and last till December 11.  The event is devoted to the traditional and contemporary art of Dagestan. There are more than 300 exhibits ranging from archaeological finds to the works of contemporary artists.

The exhibition will be arranged in nine halls of the Bread House. Each of them will be dedicated to a certain stage of life of Dagestan women. The exposition will include items traditionally made by the women of the republic.

Earlier it was reported that an exhibition in honor of the 80th anniversary of beginning of the battle for the Caucasus would be opened at the Victory Museum. The visitors can see personal belongings of Soviet mountaineer Anatoly Bagrov, who took part in the removal of Nazi pennants from the eastern peak of Mount Elbrus.

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