Dagestan government supports producers of goods for Special Military Operation

This has been announced by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Dagestan Nizam Khalilov at the meeting of the Operational Staff for Sustainable Development of the Regional Economy under the chairmanship of the first deputy prime minister Ruslan Aliyev.

Thus, according to the minister, the regional government develops a preferential financing program for the enterprises producing goods for the SMO and rendering humanitarian aid to partially mobilized people. The document implies different support measures. Inter alia, it provides producers with a 1% loan for purchase of raw materials as well as the grants for compensation of part of expenses.

"Besides, the enterprises of the republic engaged in the production of goods under the state program "Developing Industry and Increasing Competitiveness " will be subsidized for compensation of part of expenses for purchased equipment in volume of 45 million rubles. It is planned to give additional 5 million rubles", - Khalilov pointed out.

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