Southern beach area concept of Derbent presented to city mayor

The concept of the second and third stages of construction of the southern beach area in Derbent has been to city Mayor Rustambek Pirmagomedov as part of preparation of the design and estimate documentation. The architect-urbanist of the "Orchestra" architectural studio Eduard Moreau spoke about his impressions of the city and underlined the geographical peculiarity of the area, where the mountains meet the Caspian Sea.

Then the leading architect of the "Orchestra" studio Anastasia Zavada presented the concept, which foresees the informal use of the coast as a potential for the development of the beach culture of Derbent.

In the project of the embankment, 5 km long, from the "Ocean" hotel to the Central Regional Hospital, three beaches and five parks are foreseen. Besides, the design principle of the project includes 17 functional entrance zones and a linear green oasis.

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