Enric Muslumov participates in 17th International scientific conference in Krasnoyarsk

Makhachkala, April 18, 2014. Head of Daghestan Office of the Russian Federal Service for Drug Control Enric Muslumov participates in the 17th international scientific and practical conference taking place these days in Krasnoyarsk, in the Russian Federal Drug Control’s Siberian Law School, the spokesman at the office Shamil Saybulaev reports.

He said, the topical issue at the conference is "Actual problems of drug abuse prevention and combating offenses in legal and illegal drug trafficking: national and international levels."

"The Siberian Law School has extensive experience in holding international scientific forums. They have welcomed experts in law-enforcement from the UK, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia,"- said the source.

This year, according to Shamil Saybulaev, the forum has brought together an impressive community of expert in combating drug trafficking.

"The participants to the conference are officials from the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s Secretariat, drug control agencies of the member states, the Russian Federal Drug Control Service departments, the State Anti-Drug Committee, heads of regional drug control bodies, and leading scholars from Russian law schools," - the source noted.

Shamil Saybulaev also added that for the two days of working in 5 sections, participants will discuss current issues relating to the effectiveness of carrying out the state anti-drug policy, development of international cooperation in preventing drug threat, and prevention and combating drug-related crime.

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