20 new schools to be built in Dagestan to eliminate three-shift education system

On April 12, the government of Dagestan gathered to a session to discuss some issues related to the elimination of three-shift work in the republican schools. By 2024, it is planned to build 20 new educational institutions to achieve the goal.

The necessary funds had already been allocated. For another 13 schools, design assignments have been approved, the press service of the Government reports. As to the Prime Minister Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov, the three-shift regime operates nowadays in 33 Dagestan schools and covers 7,000 schoolchildren, of which 4,400 study in primary schools. Noteworthy, the number of schools with three shift education system is increasing due to the high birth rate in the region.

Over the past three years, there appeared more than 50,000 new schoolchildren. Over the past five years, 53 schools for 22,000 kids were built in the republic. But the rate of construction is still inferior to the rate of growth in the number of schoolchildren.

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