Approx. 170 educational centers "Growth Point" to be opened in Dagestan

The participants of the All-Russian online conference "Prospects for the development of Russian education, science, culture and sports" held in Moscow discussed the changes in the national education system. During the conference, the information on creation of the national system for the all-round development of each child was announced.

“The tools are being created, including with the participation of the All-Russian Peoples’ Front (political coalition). They help us to train, consolidate and invite strong cadres to the regions so that at first the network form of programs implementation allowed to focus on the technologies most important for the region and achieve practical implementation of developments. And, of course, the new profiles that appear in regional universities: in this way (universities) get new strong personnel" - the head of the Sirius educational center, the co-chair of the RPF Central Headquarters Elena Shmeleva said.

This year, within the framework of the Education national project, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Dagestan will continue to implement 6 regional projects: Modern School, Success of Every Child, Digital Educational Environment, Young Professionals, Patriotic Education of Russian Citizens and Social Activity.

The ministry reported that within the framework of the project "Modern School" 170 modern educational centers "Growth Point" would be created in 43 regional municipalities. Besides, this year, the technical parks will be created at schools and used in the implementation of basic educational programs of natural science and technological cycles.

In 2021 under the "Digital educational environment" project, the third digital education center "IT-cube" will be opened in the city of Buinaksk.

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