DSTU scientists awarded for research in interests of Russian Armed Forces

A team of scientists from Dagestan State Technical University won the third place award in the All-Russian competition of research works in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

A team of teachers and postgraduates of the Department of Management and Informatics in Technical Systems received award at the Patriot Exhibition and Convention Centre from Major-General Alexander Osadchuk, the Head of the Main Directorate for Innovative Development of the Russian Defence Ministry.

The competition is held since 2013, but in 2022 it aroused special interest among scientific teams of higher educational institutions and research organizations. 16 authors and teams of authors from 13 regions of Russia were recognized as the best out of 120 works submitted.

The research work "System of control over movement of objects in protected zone" made by scientists of DSTU worked out a method of control with a system consisting of a geophone, a sensor, a processor, a transceiver unit and a power source, which is sent to a controlled area with an unguided rocket, turns around there and transmits its coordinates to the base. The geophone picks up vibrations emanating from enemy objects (personnel, equipment) in the area under surveillance and the processor performs object identification.

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