Makhachkala gets another unique tourist location

It's about the water tower, which is located near the railway station. According to the city Mayor’s Office, this historical object, built in 1910, may become very popular among the local residents and tourists.

"There are a large number of non-stationary trade objects and advertising boards located around the object, which will be dismantled soon as well as the observation deck in the tower" - Makhachkala administration official says. Besides, the tower has already received an architectural illumination.

It should be noted that the top floor of the tower with the observation deck is a mansard with a canopy, open on all sides. It offers a view of all the sights of Makhachkala - the mountains, the sea, the lighthouse, the railroad tracks and the "old city". For a long time, the tower was boarded up and used as a warehouse.

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