Non-lawyers innovative service to prepare documents for court launched in Dagestan

Various life circumstances force citizens to go to courts. These circumstances are often: a divorce, alimony collecting, canceling traffic fines, etc. However, not everyone can go to court on their own due to the complexity of legal paperwork. Often one has to visit lawyers, which financially burdens an already difficult situation in a person's life. In order to reduce these costs, the online service "Sudbot" was developed in Dagestan. It does not require the participation of lawyers in the process of preparing the necessary documents.

The service works on the basis of legal algorithms that take into account all options and circumstances of each legal situation. The user is only required to answer questions about the case and fill out a questionnaire about himself.

As a result, a ready-made document is generated that can be submitted to the court. The service was created by Arsen Magomedov, a graduate of Moscow State University. The use of IT-technologies allows users of the service to significantly reduce the costs of going to court.

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