"United Russia" launches "Defenders of the Fatherland" action in Dagestan

Everyone will be able to send letters to the Russian military servicemen involved in a special operation in Ukraine through public reception parties. The reception of letters and drawings will be organized in the Regional and local public reception office of the regional branch of the "United Russia" political party. They can also be sent by regular mail to the address: RD, Makhachkala, Lenin Square, House of Trade Unions, 1st floor, office No. 106 or electronically - priem.pp05@mail.ru

“The Russian soldiers and officers today are doing their duty to the country, demonstrating courage and heroism. Among them there are many Dagestanis who defend their homeland and perform feats. Our support, kind words and wishes from ordinary Russians are important to them” - Elena Elnikova, the head of Dagestan regional public reception of the United Russia says.

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