Dagestan develops children and youth football

Dagestan and the Russian Football Union signed an agreement on the development of youth football in the region. Support in this direction will be provided within the framework of the federal project "Sport is the Norm of Life".
The acting head of the republic Sergey Melikov discussed the topic at a meeting with the director of the football union and heads of relevant departments Anticipating the discussion, S.Melikov pointed out that Dagestan had serious intentions in terms of development of sports in general and specifically football.

The RFU director Maxim Mitrofanov, in turn, noted that the target tasks of the concept of development of physical culture and sports suggest that by 2030, 7% of the population are expected to be engaged in sport activities. In Dagestan, by the way, 94 sports institutions have football departments, where 11 thousand children are professionally trained.

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