Daghestan athlete wins International arm wrestling tournament

Makhachkala, July 31, 2014. Daghestani sportsman Eldar Aliskanderov won the prestigious international arm wrestling tournament «A-1 RUSSIAN OPEN» finished a few days ago in Moscow, the head coach Gasan Alibekov says.

"About 150 strongest arm wrestlers from 14 countries competed in the competition. Four Daghestani sportsmen, acting for the Russian team participated in the tournament. Only Eldar Aliskanderov acting in the weight category up to 100 kg, gained victory"- Alibekov said.

According to the head coach, Aliskanderov, as a part of the Russian combined team will take part in the World Cup, which will be held in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius on 14 September.

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