Makhachkala hosts republican beach volleyball tournament

September 6, 2020. The first deputy Chairman of Government of the Republic of Dagestan Anatoly Karibov greeted all the 20 teams which arrived in Makhachkala from different municipalities to participate in the republican beach volleyball tournament.
Recalling the recent victory of Dagestan women's beach rugby team at the Russian Cup in Moscow, Karibov noted that the event was organized to popularize the healthy lifestyle as well as to promote beach sports and the regional sports tourism.

The Minister for Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Dagestan Magomed Magomedov, in turn, pointed out that the republic was included into the top ten sports loving regions of Russia, and that it was possible to achieve high indicators thanks to the creation of conditions for the development of physical culture and sports. Magomedov recalled that the physical and technical infrastructure of sports facilities is being improved throughout the republic; the old sports facilities are being reconstructed and new ones (football fields, workout grounds, playgrounds) built.

Rasul Ibragimov, Minister for Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts expressed hope that the beach volleyball in Dagestan will show its worthy game at the national and international level.

Marat Ibragimov, the chairman of the Committee for Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs of Makhachkala city administration congratulated the participants on the sport event, saying that there are almost 60 different sports cultivated in Dagestani capital.
The winner and awardees of the beach volleyball tournament will be determined today.

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