Islam Makhachev to fight Khabib's toughest opponent


It has been announced today that the UFC Lightweight Champion Islam Makhachev from Dagestan will make his next (third) title defense against American Dustin Porier. The fight will take place on June 1st at UFC 302.

Recall, in September 2019, Porye went into the octagon against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Experts consider this fight the most difficult in the career of the undefeated "Eagle".

The third round of this fight began with a skillful attempt of the American to go for a "guillotine" (this moment is on the photo). Porier caught the Dagestani's neck and held it for about half a minute. Khabib did everything he could to get out and Dustin spent too much energy trying. Emboldened by the rescue, Nurmagomedov went behind his opponent's back and "choked" him a minute after he broke free of the embrace.

Khabib has never been in such a crisis situation before or since. Whether Dustin will be able to stop Islam, who is riding a streak of 13 consecutive victories, we will know in a month and a half.

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