20.04.2024 21:57:00
Native of Dagestan's Kizilyurt district awarded the Suvorov Medal
20.04.2024 21:51:00
Humanitarian cargo from Dagestan arrives in Orenburg region
20.04.2024 21:12:00
Dagestani woman challenges First National Career Guidance Award
20.04.2024 20:53:00
Dagestan students win "Lomonosov - 2024" International Scientific Conference
20.04.2024 20:35:00
Dagestan tops rating of regions with high birth rate and longevity
20.04.2024 19:44:00
Rosgvardiya servicemen from Dagestan win shooting competition among North Caucasian regions
20.04.2024 11:57:00
7 families represent Dagestan in semifinals of "It’s our family" contest
19.04.2024 16:42:00
Construction companies complaint on lack of specialists in Dagestan
19.04.2024 16:28:00
Dagestan student takes third place in All-Russia contest "History of local self-government of my region"
19.04.2024 16:24:00
Exhibition dedicated to 155th anniversary of S. Stalsky opens in Makhachkala
19.04.2024 16:11:00
Approx. RUB 680 million to be spent for development of vineyards in Dagestan
19.04.2024 16:05:00
New multi-purpose aircraft of own design presented in Dagestan
19.04.2024 16:02:00
Almost 5 million chicken eggs imported into Dagestan in April
18.04.2024 19:43:00
RUB 7 billion to be allocated to improve quality of roads in mountainous Dagestan
18.04.2024 18:20:00
Dagestan authorities continue to gentrify beaches
18.04.2024 18:15:00
Self-employed earn more than RUB 21 million in Dagestan
18.04.2024 18:09:00
Drag racing championship to be held first time in Dagestan
18.04.2024 18:03:00
DSTU hosts general meeting of members of Guild of Builders Association
18.04.2024 17:28:00
Dagestan sends 60 tons of humanitarian cargo to flood victims in Orenburg region
18.04.2024 17:13:00
Abdulkhakim Ismailov - Dagestani who raised Victory Banner over Reichstag