19.06.2024 19:46:00
Center for psychological assistance to participants of SMO and their families opens in Dagestan
19.06.2024 15:16:00
Makhachkala Commercial Seaport increases cargo transshipment by 3% in 2024
19.06.2024 14:39:00
Russian Armed Forces develop new way to fight Ukrainian UAVs
19.06.2024 14:34:00
Dagestani agronomists overfulfill annual plan of planting orchards in spring
19.06.2024 14:28:00
Eight enterprises joined wool cluster increase volume of production by 5 times
18.06.2024 19:32:00
Iranian importers take interest in Dagestani separators
18.06.2024 07:55:00
Route alternative to Suez Canal to be laid through Dagestan
17.06.2024 23:37:00
Fashion Forum takes place in Dagestan
17.06.2024 20:57:00
School of lecturers of Russian Society "Znanie" opens in Dagestan
17.06.2024 19:31:00
Volume of spending on marketplaces doubles in Dagestan
17.06.2024 19:24:00
Makhachkala enters top 10 travel destinations in Russia in 2024
17.06.2024 14:42:00
Dagestan overtakes all regions of North Caucasian Federal District in volume of construction
16.06.2024 19:34:00
More than 20,000 hectares treated with insecticides against locusts in Dagestan
16.06.2024 18:27:00
Muslim Gadzhimagomedov to fight for WBA World Champion title
16.06.2024 18:24:00
XVII International Music Festival "Port-Petrovskie Assemblies" comes to end in Dagestan
16.06.2024 18:20:00
Unique rocks first time discovered in Dagestan
15.06.2024 19:27:00
"Echo of the Mountains" ensemble represents Dagestan at lezginka dance tournament in Moscow
15.06.2024 19:24:00
Dagestan launches car tours to mountain resorts
15.06.2024 18:39:00
Dagestan to host film marathon "We won together"
15.06.2024 18:32:00
Dagestan Union of Writers celebrates its 90th anniversary