Buynaksk - Gimry - Chirkata highway to be repaired in Dagestan

Over the years, significant road defects emerged in the form of subsurface settlement, cracks, and potholes. As part of the repairs, it is planned to strengthen the asphalt-concrete pavement, repair and clean the drainage systems, restore the roadside and ditches, and repair three bridges measuring a total length of 206 meters.

Metal barrier fences, signposts, road signs, and horizontal markings will also be installed. By the end of August, the first section measuring approximately four kilometers should be operational. The remaining nine and a half kilometers will be completed later.

The national project "Safe and Quality Roads" aims to make the country's road network more comfortable and safer. The main goal of this initiative is to reduce traffic fatalities by up to 3.5 times by 2030, down to 4 deaths per 100,000 people. This ambitious goal will be achieved through a series of measures implemented under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting in 2019.

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