"Live Classics" reading contest kicks off in Dagestan

The international contest for young reciters "Live Classics" will start in March, with hundreds of thousands of participants across the country reciting by heart excerpts fr om their favorite prose works.

The first stages will be held at schools. In total, reciters will have to go through five stages. Class and school stages are the most popular. The jury selects the three best readers from each school. Then comes the district stage, followed by the regional. The winners, who take first three places, receive a trip to the legendary International Children's Center "Artek", wh ere they will represent their region in the final contest.

To become a participant of the largest literary project in the country, one only need to meet few requirements. Schoolchildren aged 10 - 17 years can participate. For a reading they can choose any prose work in Russian, which is not included in the school program. The recommended speaking time is no more than 5 minutes. The participation in the competition is free.

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