Dagestan delegation attends festival in Kalmykia

A delegation from Tarumovsky municipal district of Dagestan took part in the cultural and ethnographic festival "Hymn to Tulip" held April 8 in Chernozemelsky district of Kalmykia. The visit was aimed at strengthening friendly relations between the republics. The delegation consisted of the acting head of the district Vasily Jamalov, the employees of Tarumovsky district administration and the folk-folklore group "Rybachki".  

"The Tulip Hymn Festival has become a good tradition in Kalmykia, a symbol of wildlife and national culture. The leadership of the Republic of Kalmykia attaches great importance to the ecology of their native land, the preservation of its natural wealth, as well as the careful preservation of ethnic origins. It is noteworthy that Kalmyks also preserve and multiply folk crafts, national sports, cherish spiritual values, and develop the economy.

The main wealth of Kalmykia is its people, who create cultural and material wealth. These are teachers, doctors, fishermen, shepherds hardened by steppe winds, Heroes and labor veterans", - Jamalov commented. It should be noted that the holiday entered the "Top 50 best events of the year" list of Russia.  The program of the festival included an ethnographic hutong, sports and entertainment zones, an exhibition of agricultural achievements, etc.

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