7 families represent Dagestan in semifinals of "It’s our family" contest

The regional semifinals of the contest "It’s Our Family" of the presidential platform "Russia - the country of opportunities" for families from the Northern Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts as well as new regions of the country started in Rostov-on-Don on April 18. A total of 210 family teams are participating in the contest, including 7 from the Republic of Dagestan. The events are held in the Year of the Family and will last till April 21.

"The first face-to-face events of the regional semifinals will last four days and will unite two districts at the same time, as well as new regions of the country. The teams will have to perform a series of intellectual, athletic and creative tasks and answer a series of questions about their home regions. The experts will judge not only the level of preparation and the participants’ talent but also the ability of children and parents to work as a team.

43 teams came to the regional semifinals from the North Caucasian Federal District: 7 teams from the Republic of Dagestan with a total of 39 participants.

The program includes not only assessment tasks, but also informative lectures and master classes, open discussions, excursions, sports games and other entertainment. The names of the winners will be announced on April 21.

The finals of the "It's Our Family" contest will be held in the summer. The winners will be announced on the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness on July 8. 30 winning families will receive certificates worth 5 million rubles to improve their living conditions.

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