Dagestan continues to actively develop tourism


11 tourism-related projects will be implemented in seven municipal districts of the Republic of Dagestan. Approximately RUB 60 million has already been allocated from budgetary funds for these projects, which focus on the development of tourism infrastructure and the creation of new accommodations in the region.

In 2024, the authorities of Dagestan intend to continue developing the tourist infrastructure of the region by supporting 11 projects with budgetary funds in seven municipalities, the press service of the regional Ministry of Tourism and Folk Arts and Crafts reports.

Besides, Derbent administration has implemented a project to develop a tourist code for the city center, which has received funding of 252.5 million rubles. The republican authorities also financed seven tourism projects in six municipalities last year, spending 53 million rubles.

Last year in Dagestan alone, 16 beaches, tourist routes, modular camping sites, car camping sites and other tourist infrastructure facilities were put into operation as part of the regional project "Development of Tourism Infrastructure". A total of RUB 763 million have been invested in these projects, the press service informs.

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