All-Russian festival of intellectual games to be held in Dagestan

A festival of intellectual games will be held on December 17-18 in the historical park "Russia - My History" in Makhachkala, the head of the club of intellectual games "Hidalgo" Ruslan Ruzanov says. The event, which includes 4 games: "What? Where? When?", "Brain-ring", "Your Game" and "Hamsa", is supported by the Youth Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Dagestan and by the residents of the club "The Future of Caucasus". All participants will receive gifts from the Hidalgo Center for Intellectual Development. The winners and runners-up will receive souvenirs and awards. As to the club official, more than 100 people representing clubs of Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions, Krasnodar Territory and all regions of the Northern Caucasus have already registered as participants of the games.

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