Beaches in Kayakent district recognized cleanest in Dagestan


The beaches in Kayakent municipal district have been recognized as one of the cleanest in the region. This has been announced with reference to the results of sea water cleanliness inspections conducted by Rospotrebnadzor (Federal agency that works to provide oversight and control of wellbeing and consumer rights and protection of the citizens of the Russian Federation) across the Republic of Dagestan on the coastal territory of the district beach "Gek Suv".

The inspection of Rospotrebnadzor showed that the samples taken from the territory of the beach meet all the hygienic standards. Recall the Department of Rospotrebnadzor across the Republic of Dagestan conducts annual study of beaches in the republic before the opening of the summer season to ensure their safety and compliance with hygiene standards.

The local authorities have improved the territory of the Gek-Suv beach by installing gazebos, changing rooms, litter bins and toilets, as well as paving the walking area with stone and providing lighting.

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