Book dedicated to famous Dagestan revolutionary Mikhail Lezgintsev published in Moscow

A book dedicated to the famous Dagestan revolutionary and statesman of the first half of the XX century Mikhail Lezgintsev (1893-1941; born Magomed Guseinov) has been published in Moscow. Lezgintsev was a native of Lezghin village of Shtul, but he spent his entire adult life outside Dagestan.
Lezgintsev participated in development of the system of monetary incentive, financial planning and financial control in the troops, financing of military supplies and military industry. In April 1937 he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years on false charges of counter-revolutionary activity and exiled to the Far North, to Kolyma, where he died in March 1941. In 1956 Lezgintsev was rehabilitated posthumously.

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