Dagestan authorities continue to gentrify beaches


One of the most popular forms of recreation in Dagestan is beach tourism. It becomes more popular among the tourists every year. The beaches in the republic are becoming more and more comfortable due to the growing number of cozy rest areas, restaurants and public gardens.

In order to improve the conditions at tourist sites, including beach areas, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic in 2023 provided grants to legal entities and entrepreneurs within the framework of the national project "Tourism and hospitality".

The allocated funds, inter alia, were spent to gentrify the territory of the Lotos Sports Complex In Karabudakhkentsky municipal district. The beach near the Caspian Sea was covered with larch wood, playgrounds and sports fields were built, special wheelchairs for the disabled were purchased, deck chairs, pavilions, umbrellas and mattresses for rest and bathing were provided.

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