Dagestan enters top-10 tourist regions of Russia

The analysts of Sberbank have summed up the results of tourism development within Russia over the last 2 years and brought out the top 10 attractive regions for the tourists. The research was conducted on the basis of impersonal data of card transactions of Sberbank, the share of which is 70% and ensures maximum reliability of the sample. Dagestan entered the top 10 tourist regions. The growth rate of travelers to the republic reached 60%, and their spending within the region increased by 50.9% compared to 2019.

Emin Merdanov, the regional minister of tourism, folk arts and crafts notes that tourists come to the republic because of the climate, natural conditions and local history. This in turn gives impetus to the development of various types of tourism in the region.

"The full-length films are shot here; fashion magazines conduct photo sessions and the nature inspires artists and musicians. For a couple of years, a fairly stable interest in the republic has formed, as evidenced by the tourist flow, which increases annually by 20-30%," – Merdanov said.

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