Dagestani children make trench candles and camouflage nets for Defense Ministry in labour classes

The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Dagestan Yakhya Buchaev has instructed schools to organize the production of trench candles and camouflage nets for the needs of special military operation within the framework of extracurricular, supplementary and technical education. The top official stated that schoolchildren's participation in such activities can promote patriotic education, historical study, understanding of the role of defenders on the frontline, and appreciation of heritage.

During a recent meeting on topical issues, the Head of the Republic, Sergei Melikov, reported that Dagestani children had produced over 7,000 handmade trench candles and proposed including the production of trench candles in school labor lessons.

Noteworthy, schoolchildren frequently organize campaigns to collect humanitarian supplies for special operation participants and write letters to the front. Teachers and parents also participate in these actions.

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