Hero of Russia title awarded to 11th Dagestani


Farhad Khudainatov has become the 11th Dagestani awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously since the beginning of the Special Military Operation.

"The Guards warrant officer was deputy commander of the special attack group. He was described as a competent, proactive, determined serviceman. The commander's perseverance and determination more than once helped to successfully solve the tasks: to win in battles with superior enemy forces, to hold the occupied positions, to detect camouflaged enemy firing points.

But even more respectable is his attitude to his subordinates. In one of the battles, the car in which the Dagestani was moving was hit. Despite his injuries and bruises, Farhad pulled his brothers-in-arms out of the burning car and gave them first aid.
Even in his last battle, he saved other soldiers. Last September, in Zaporozhye region, a subgroup under Khudainatov's command came under heavy fire. For three hours, the sergeant evacuated his comrades one by one through a mined area and under relentless fire. Having made sure that their lives were not in danger, despite his wounds, he returned to the stronghold and continued to adjust the fire.

Thanks to the efforts of the reconnaissance group under Khudainatov's command, more than a thousand nationalist fighters, 10 observation posts, 14 strongholds, a significant number of tanks, vehicles, weapons, and a warehouse containing ammunition and other supplies were destroyed during this period." – the head of the Republic of Dagestan Sergei Melikov said.

Melikov expressed his condolences to the family and friends of Farhad Khudainatov.

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