900 hectares of new orchards to be planted in Dagestan in 2024

The republican agrarians intend to plant orchards on an area of 900 hectares, including 300 hectares of intensive orchards and 500 hectares of nut crops. The rest of the area will be occupied by traditional gardens and nurseries.

According to the regional Agriculture Ministry, three investment projects are currently being implemented in the republic to plant gardens of super-intensive type. To date, 460.5 hectares of garden of LLC Polosa in Suleiman-Stal district has been planted, similar garden on 278.4 hectares has LLC Angelina in Derbent district, and KFH Sad in Magaramkent district is engaged in the implementation of the project on 190 hectares.

"When laying gardens, top-class planting material is used, effective care with the use of modern technologies is provided. Besides, these farms are building fruit storages. The development of horticulture of nut crops is proceeding at a rapid pace, as the products of these orchards are always in demand and do not require large investments for storage" - the Ministry official said.

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