Dagestan breaks records for sowing and yield of rice

This has been announced today at the regular session of the republican Government. According to minister of agriculture and food of the republic Mukhtarbi Adzhekov, in 2022 the republic managed to sow rice on the record area of 32,2 thousand hectares that is on 5 thousand hectares or 19 % more than in 2021.  

This will allow to yield over 135 thousand tons of rice, which is almost 15% more than the last year indices. For today it is harvested 19,8 thousand hectares, the gross gathering makes 87,5 thousand tons, at average yielding 44 c/ha.  124 combines are involved in harvesting rice.  

Apart from increasing the production of rice, Dagestan farmers boost work to increase its processing capacity. In last years 4 factories on rice processing with a total capacity of more than 200 tons per shift were put into exploitation. All of them are located in Kizlyar municipal district.
In general, Kizlyar district produces more than 54% of rice and is by right the flagship in rice growing industry.

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