Dagestan takes interest in wind power plants made in Volgodonsk

On September 27, the government of the Republic of Dagestan and NovaWind JSC signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of wind energy development. The document states that the republic is interested in the implementation of projects for the construction of wind power plants with a total capacity up to 315 MW.

Such capacity of wind power generation means ordering 126 wind turbines and steel base-frames, which are produced in Volgodonsk at NovaWind and Vetrostroydetal factories, respectively. The timing of the construction has not yet been reported.

As of today, NovaWind JSC has commissioned 720 MW of wind power capacity. In total, by 2027 Rosatom will put into operation wind power plants with a total capacity of approx. 1.7 GW. The nearest wind power plant to Volgodonsk is Marchenkovskaya WPP launched in 2021 in Zimovniki.

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