Dagestan to create vine nursery in region

For this, as to the Head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov, modern equipment will be purchased for the republic. As it turned out, this direction in Dagestan is extremely demanded. According to the Committee on Viticulture, Dagestan needs at least 4-5 million seedlings of grapes annually. Besides, for almost 2 years, scientists have been growing grafted and adapted to the local climate grape seedlings in Dagestan. As previously reported, in 2023 Dagestan intends to increase the area of vineyards by 3,4% - to 27.6 thousand hectares. The locals have already fulfilled 50% of the plan. In the current year, it is planned to allocate 615 million rubles in subsidies to viticulturists of the republic, of which almost 31 million rubles will be directed from the republican budget.

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