High-tech dairy complex to be created in northern Dagestan

A high-tech dairy complex, designed for 170 heads of cattle, is being built in Babayurtovsky district on the basis of Abdusalamov peasant farm, the press service of Dagestan Ministry of Agriculture and Food reports.

The complex is equipped with a milking unit for 12 cows. There are capacities for filtering and cooling milk. In the near future, it is expected to receive equipment from German company Westfalia - the European leader in the production of equipment for the dairy industry.

A room for keeping calves and a granary with a capacity of about 700 tons had also been built on the territory of the complex. The construction of a feeding complex for 70 head of cattle is nearing completion.

As part of the program for the development of land reclamation, an irrigation system is being built, since it is impossible to create the fodder base necessary for dairy cattle breeding without the availability of irrigation water. As to the Ministry official Dagestan ranks first among Russia’s regions in terms of the number of cows with approx. 464 thousand heads. This is almost 6% of the total livestock in the country.

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