New vegetable storage facility to be commissioned in Levashinsky municipal district of Dagestan


A new vegetable storage facility is being built by the "Makhi" company near the village of Levashi. According to estimates, the cost of a modern, industrial-grade vegetable storage facility with temperature control capacity of 1.5 tons is approximately RUB 100 million.

As of April 16th, 2024, more than 80 million rubles have already been invested in the project. The full implementation of this project will create 20 permanent jobs and provide residents of Dagestan with access to ecologically clean vegetables.

The facility is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024. Currently, the foundation work has been completed and the metal structure of the warehouse assembled. Equipment and sandwich panels have also been partially purchased.

The investor plans to sell vegetables worth an average of 63 million rubles per year, bringing additional tax revenue to the regional budget of about 2 million rubles per year. It is also planned to sow crops and drill a well for irrigation on the territory of the vegetable warehouse.

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