Sber resumes issuing preferential mortgage loans for IT specialists


According to Valery Biragov, manager of the North-Ossetian branch of the bank, the IT industry is currently the cornerstone of the country's economic development. Supporting specialists in this field is crucial for the digitalization of the North Caucasian republics. It also serves as an additional motivation for creating high-tech projects and startups in the region. Last year, North Ossetia became the leader in the number of IT mortgages issued in the Northern Caucasus making the program popular.

The residents of Russian regions with a population of over 1 million people can receive up to RUB 18 million. The funds can be used to buy an apartment or a house from a developer, or a plot of land for individual housing construction. In regions with a smaller population, the maximum amount is 9 million rubles.

The preferential mortgage program is designed for IT specialists from Russian companies accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation. To participate in the program, the borrowers must have at least three months of work experience at their current place of employment and correspond the age of 18 - 50.

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