Dagestan to celebrate 155th anniversary of People's Poet of Dagestan Suleiman Stalsky in 2024

The region will celebrate the 155th anniversary of Dagestan People's Poet Suleiman Stalsky in 2024. The prime minister of the regional government Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov signed a decree on creation of a working group on preparation and holding celebratory events dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the poet.  

The working group consists of deputy prime ministers, heads of executive authorities, cultural figures and media representatives. The group members will develop and approve a plan for celebrating the poet's anniversary, as well as to organize the events.

"Suleiman Stalsky is an outstanding poet and writer, the founder of Lezgi, Dagestani, pre-Soviet poetry, one of the most famous Dagestani poets of the twentieth century. The poet's work greatly expanded the vocabulary of Lezghin language and enriched the speech of the common man. He was not only an outstanding, talented writer, but also a prominent statesman. Stalsky was a great professional, who all his life remained a humble person, who used to achieve everything by his own labor. Next year we will hold festive events in memory of his work and merits. It is our duty to honor, preserve and pass on to the new generation the memory of outstanding people of our republic," Abdulmuslimov said.

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