Exhibition about Southern Dagestan opens in "Rosa Khutor" resort

The pavilion "Caucasus" of the interactive ethno-park "My Russia" presents more than 200 exhibits showing the life and traditions of Dagestan.

"Dagestan is known as a multinational region. The republic is home to representatives of 32 nationalities speaking more than 70 dialects. Our exposition familiarizes with the unique region, where the ancient 5000-year fortress of Derbent is located and where there are six-thousand-mountain peaks. The nature creates the flavor that reflects the life of six ethnic groups - Lezgins, Tabasarans, Aguls, Rutuls, Tsakhurs and Azerbaijanis. At the exhibition we wanted to show the daily life of the highlanders of these area" Zaira Kildeeva, chief curator of the National Museum of Dagestan says.

The traditional costumes occupy the central place of the exposition. The viewers' attention is attracted by luxurious jewelry made of silver, with the use of gilding, engraving, niello and filigree.

Southern Dagestan is also famous for its carpets. At the exposition in "My Russia" one can see the ancient craftsmanship - weaving loom of the XIX century, spindles, vessels for yarn dyeing, combs, compactors and other tools.

The exhibition dedicated to southern Dagestan in the ethno complex "My Russia" of the "Rosa Khutor" resort will work for half a year.  Later it will be replaced by an exposition on the residents of Dagestan valleys: Terek Cossacks, Kumyks, and Nogais.

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