Dagestan to develop educational tourism


Dagestan authorities intend to develop educational tourism in the region. This type of tourism will be suitable for people who are fascinated by history and culture, as well as for those who want to learn something new and unusual.  Dagestan, one of the most beautiful regions of Russia, will soon become even more attractive for the tourists. Local authorities have announced the launch of an educational tourism program, which will allow not only to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, but also to immerse themselves in the unique culture and history of this region.

Dagestan and Voronezh region will implement the "Cool Country" model for the development of educational tourism. ASI and Prosveshcheniye JSC signed cooperation agreements with the participants of #ClassnayaStrana - the Republic of Dagestan and the Voronezh region".

What is educational tourism?

Educational tourism is a type of travel that aims to provide not only relaxation, but also an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experiences. This form of tourism is ideal for people interested in history and culture, as well as those seeking to learn something unique and interesting. It offers an excellent chance to broaden one's horizons, enhance one's life experience and make the most of one's time.

What does Dagestan offer?

Dagestan is a place where different cultures, traditions, and religions come together in a unique way. The program of educational tourism in this region allows visitors to explore the history of the area, sample traditional Caucasian cuisine, visit ancient castles and mosques and learn about local handicrafts and folk arts.

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