Dagestani’s project wins at International Film Festival "Zilant-2021" in Kazan

Dagestan director and screenwriter Ramazan Bulgaev won the Best Social Video nomination at the Zilant-2021 International Film Festival held annually in Kazan.

As to Bulgaev, the main purpose of his social video was to demonstrate that every person had such qualities as kindness and humanity as well as to make the audience recognize their necessity for our contemporaries. Last year, Ramazan Bulgaev won the All-Russian competition of social videos "You are not alone" and received a grant for two years of study at the Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters in St. Petersburg.

“We have been working on social projects of the DRIN Films studio since autumn 2018. Then we received the first grant in the amount of 100 thousand rubles from the Federal Agency for Youth Afairs at the North Caucasian youth educational forum “Mashuk” - Bulgaev said.

Note that the aspiring director Ramazan Bulgaev did not immediately find himself in professional cinema. Before that he graduated from the MF MADI (State Technical University) with a degree in Economics and Construction. At present, he is studying in full-time at the Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters in St. Petersburg in the workshop for directing feature films and in the magistracy of Dagestan State Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Philology on the profile of multicultural education.

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