Ensemble "Dagestan" participates in Russian peoples’ songs and dances festival

Makhachkala, November 8, 2019. The State Song and Dance Ensemble "Dagestan" performed at the festival of songs and dances of the peoples of Russia, which was held the day before in the city of Pyatigorsk. According to the press service of the Ministry of Culture RD, the guests of the festival enjoyed songs and dances of the peoples of Dagestan performed by the artists of the creative crew.

Apart from Dagestan artists, the dance and vocal groups from Stavropol and the regions of the Northern Caucasus performed on the stage within the cultural program "Russia Unites", organized for the large-scale celebration of the National Unity Day. All the participants enriched the festive programme with their tributes.  

From the very morning interactive sites, exhibitions of arts and crafts and photo zones worked for the residents of the region. The national cuisine could be tasted in 10 courtyards.

Within the framework of the “City of Masters” festival, the visitors got familiarized with the woodcarving, wickerwork and soap making. Besides, a concert, a book fair, the origami and beadwork workshops were organized near the city administration.

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